Laboratory Instruments


UV-VIS Spectrophotometers


A dedicated spectrophotometer for the quantitation of simple/labeled nucleic acids, the BioSpec-nano enables life science researchers to conserve precious samples and obtain accurate and reproducible results easily. Powered by an automated precision drive mechanism, and delivering an outstanding analysis range and excellent measurement reproducibility, the BioSpec-nano ensures fast, stress-free analysis.


Ultra-small Sample Volumes
Perform analysis with 1µL to 2µL samples. For ultra-small sample volumes no standard rectangular cell is needed although for applications that are not volume-limited, an optional rectangular cell adapter is available.

Automated Analysis
With “drop-and-click” functionality, analysis has never been easier. Simply drop the sample onto the target and click the button.

Easy Operation/Maintenance
Sample mounting, measurement and cleaning are conducted by the instrument, eliminating the need for operators to perform the tedious, repetitive, and inconsistent placement of the fiber optic element and manual cleaning required in other instruments.

Measurement takes seconds, and a series of samples can be analyzed while confirming spectra in the Detail view mode.

Protein Analysis Capability
Enables the quantitation of simple proteins and proteins labeled with Cy3 and other labels. Below is an example of the quantification of Lysozyme labeled with the dye AlexaFluor-546. The concentrations of protein, label and the label ratio are easily determined. Click here to see an example


Dedicated software allows simple and quick operation of the BioSpec-nano. The start, exchange wiper, list, detail, save CSV/PDF and display PDF operations are displayed on the toolbar according to the user’s procedure and available with the click of a button.

BioSpec-nano software


Item Specification
Measuring wavelength range 220 to 800 nm
Spectrum band width 3 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm
Pathlength 0.2 mm, 0.7 mm (manual selection)
Light source Xenon flash lamp
Monochrometer Holographic grating
Detector Photo diode array
Auto wiping function Provided
Sample mount function Auto
Quantitation range
(OD, dsDNA concentration)
Pathlength 0.2 mm, 1 to 75 OD (50 to 3,700 ng / µL)
Pathlength 0.7 mm, 0.3 to 21 OD (15 to 1,000 ng / µL)
Optional 5 mm pathlength cell, 0.04 to 3 OD (2 to 150 ng / µL)
Dimensions Width 210 mm x Depth 214 mm x Height 417 mm
Weight 7 kg


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